HUSH x LinkedIn Data Communities

project overview

Workplace typically conjures up images of red staplers and drab cubicles. Silicon Valley broke the mold and defined the modern workplace, constantly changing to accept new tools, processes, and social needs; reinventing to continue to provide value to users - employees, vendors, talent, and guests.

LinkedIn has been investing in this research for years through its Workplace Design Lab in Sunnyvale. In this space, experiments are done to explore technology, products, and programs. This reception space experiment explores the possibilities of using interactive technology to engage visitors and share information about the company values and culture.

spatial constraints

Within this organization, technology installations are typically reserved for the Executive Business Centers. In an attempt to bring value and delight to a larger audience, we explored the idea of creating a unique experience to the public.

The reception lobby is the physical threshold where visitors enter and first experience the brand and culture of a company, so we decided to use the reception area as our test space for highest impact.

As the project progressed, additional constraints included: security limitations for live data streams, code compliance of physical structures that could impact egress and accessibility, and securely storing the local server.


Working with HUSH Design, we created a Data Story experience with 4 components: 

1 - physical installation
2 - digital interaction
3 - auditory experience
4 - content management system

I served as the internal Design Manager for the project, working with an Environmental Design Manager and Project Manager to move the project from concept to construction within the business.

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