LinkedIn Washington DC

project overview

LinkedIn expanded their Washington, D.C. office to accommodate a growing government services and legal team. Doubling from 3,500sf to 7,000sf, this site was a pilot location for the Dynamic Workplace Experience (DWE) program: a strategic redesign to reconnect employees back to the office.

I worked with the Workplace Strategy lead to program the floor, and with a Senior Project Manager to deliver the space from concept to first day of business.


The floor plan and furniture is designed to accommodate growth over time. On Day 1, there are 32 workstations and over time, can be modified to fit up to 52 workstations.


The environmental graphics were designed under the concept of “Manifest”: a celebration of the district’s empowerment of voices for change and progress throughout history. This concept aligns with the values that LinkedIn upholds of bringing economic opportunity to all. The result is a workspace that inspires pride in the work LinkedIn accomplishes, as well as an overarching pride for the legacy of the city of D.C.

As a nod to the locale, the conference rooms at this are named after Washington DC neighborhoods, emphasizing the sense of place and pride in the community.

Virtual backgrounds paralleling the look & feel of the DC office were shared to employees, to foster a sense of connection to the space amongst remote employees. On-site, an interactive, dimensional installation of whiteboards with prompts, enables employees to share their values and express ideas.

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