Less Internet, More Love


In the Adobe/render/computer lab frenzy of getting my Master's thesis together, I saw a flyer for artist assistants. The Kala Art Institute was seeking people to work on public art projects. Immediately drawn in with the promise of human contact, I was intrigued by "Advice From My 80 Year-Old Self" and contacted the artist, Susan O'Malley. We spent weeks walking along San Pablo Ave and asked strangers to do a little time travel, asking "what would your 80-year-old self tell you today?" We sought subtle truths, desires and wisdom, and wondered if the words would reflect the wisdom within all of us?

Stories collected with Susan O'Malley, a generous, thoughtful, creative spirit who brought me into this project and taught me to talk to strangers.

Painted with Amanda Curreri and Cecilia Sarate.

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